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Aircraft Annuals and General Maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance Specialties owner, Kent Lischer, comes highly recommended by the Cessna Pilots Association. Factory-trained, Kent is familiar with all aspects of Cessna design and operation, as well as structural repair.  His factory training includes Cessna Single & Twin Engine Maintenance, Pratt & Whitney, Garrett Engines and TCM Turbo & Fuel Injection systems.  Kent has instructed classes on Cessna Aircraft systems for the Cessna Pilots Association.
Baron Annual

Mooney overhaul
Engine Overhauls
Aircraft Maintenance Specialties engine upgrades and engine replacements get you flying with confidence. Our methodical approach guarantees you'll get a quality, long-lasting engine installation that looks as good as it sounds.

Aircraft STC installs
Aircraft Maintenance Specialties has over 25 years of experience with installation and modifications and submitting the required paperwork for STCs and 337 field approvals. We have installed everything from Piper Cub disk brakes to Cessna gap seals and speed brake installations.

Cessna Gap seals intall
Gap seals installed on a Cessna Skylane.
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